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Your team has taken some steps to get ready, but you haven’t fine-tuned the details. Check out some helpful tools and resources to maintain program compliance and be better prepared for a HRSA audit.


The Covered Entity’s Guide to 340B HRSA Audits

Get first-hand advice from 340B providers to optimize your organization for audit readiness.

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Audit-Preparation Checklist

Review our audit-ready checklist for actionable tips on how you can prepare for an audit.

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Internal Audit Worksheet

Use this audit template for conducting regular self-audits to help manage your program compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how we support clients through an audit.

Prior to the audit we ensure each certified claim meets our gold standard of compliance.

We will review your Policies & Procedures, and provide feedback and templated language to the CEs.

We will be on call to the Covered Entity throughout the day for any referral-based questions.

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