R1 Ranked #1 in KLAS for Ambulatory RCM Services for Third Straight Year

R1 RCMFebruary 13, 2023

r1 ranked best in klas for RCM ambulatory services 2023

R1’s comprehensive revenue cycle solutions for physician groups continue to draw acclaim from healthcare industry experts and praise from the partners we serve. For the third consecutive year, R1 has been named best in KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services.  


“We set a high bar when we started talking to R1, so we expect a lot from them, but R1 exceeds our expectations compared to whatever other firm we would use in their place.” 

- Quote from  CFO November 2022 interview, KLAS Research* 



What Does it Mean to Be Designated Best in KLAS for Ambulatory RCM Services? 

The goal of KLAS Research is to provide accurate, honest and impartial research on healthcare IT providers. KLAS draws from real-world user experiences to conduct its extensive research.  


The KLAS 2023 Report aggregated feedback from thousands of healthcare providers throughout the U.S. to reveal the top-performing solutions based on the overall value customers are experiencing from the companies evaluated. Insights gained through the KLAS Report findings are invaluable for healthcare providers who want to make better-informed decisions regarding vendors and partner choices.  


R1 Ambulatory RCM Services on Top for Three Years Running 

The ‘Best in KLAS®’ designation recognizes R1 as a leader in its market segment, in this case Ambulatory RCM Services.  


 “We’re thrilled to once again be recognized for the quality of our ambulatory RCM services,” says Dan Pope, Senior Vice President of R1 Physician Solutions. “Our goal will always be to provide the absolute best revenue cycle services and unparalleled support to our client partners so that they can achieve optimal operational and financial results while delivering exceptional patient experiences.”   [See video


What KLAS Research Discovered R1 Clients Are Saying  


All KLAS Research is conducted with actual clients; interview research is performed anonymously so that participants feel free to provide candid feedback. Here are just a handful of comments made about R1 in the 2023 KLAS Research interviews: 





“R1’s reporting and responsiveness are excellent for our metrics.”    - Quote from KLAS Research, Manager interview, October 2022  



“R1 acts like a team member with us. They don’t get defensive when we critique them or ask for something else. They work with us and make things happen. They usually just fix what we need and move forward. I really like that about R1.” 

- Quote from KLAS Research, VP/Executive interview, July 2022 



“The firm **[R1] does a lot in the revenue cycle space. They are on top of things in terms of strategic ability.” 

- Quote from KLAS  Research, CFO interview, November 2022*  



“R1 takes things off our plate. We are busy enough seeing patients, charting, and doing everything. R1 has good IT, HR, and billing services. R1 takes good care of the managers. R1 shares their ideas with us. We feel supported by R1.” 

- Quote from KLAS Research, Physician interview, February 2022  



“Our client service representative with R1 has really gone above and beyond in providing us with service. That person has had routine meetings and routine check-ins, and that person has worked very hard to make sure that we are successful. That person has driven a lot of the initiatives and has been right there with us as a partner. I appreciate that person for their contribution.” 

- Quote from KLAS Research, COO interview, July 2022  



“We have been very happy with R1 overall. We made a lot of work for them this year because we were trying to figure out some real numbers and what we were really pulling in. That required a lot of work on their end in terms of getting us information that they weren’t compensated for outside of what we already compensated them for. We are super appreciative of the firm's hard work, and we are happy with them.” 

- Quote from KLAS  Research,  CEO/President interview, October 2022  




How R1 Serves Physician Groups 

Your physician practice is built to provide exceptional patient care; R1 is built for revenue cycle management. Our goal is to make your life easier and your practice more successful.


We can help you handle your toughest problems, including: 




R1 offers a full range of revenue cycle management and practice management solutions for all types of physician groups, including multi-specialty and large single specialty groups, emergency medicine practices, anesthesia practices, and hospital medicine groups. 


Experience You Can Trust on From a Partner You Can Count On 

The R1 team has more than 35 years of industry experience and supports more than 60 million patient/clinician engagements each year.


R1 has invested millions in our ultramodern technology and intelligent automation systems, which means we can deliver performance efficiencies you could never afford to achieve on your own. 


Reach out to us today so we can answer your questions and show you how to boost your physician practice’s profitability and remove operational friction while delivering patient care excellence. 



Downloads you might find helpful: 


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* KLAS research interviews are conducted anonymously, and hence, we cannot reveal the names of the persons nor their organizations’ names quoted in this blog post; however, we can confirm that this statement was made by an R1 client, and the statement is provided in its entirety.  


**In these KLAS quotes, references to “the firm” refers to R1. 




Author Bio: Content written on behalf of R1 RCM.