The No Surprises Act, explained.

R1 is committed to helping you stay current on regulatory issues that affect you. Learn how the No Surprises Act impacts your physician practice and what you need to do now to remain compliant.

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Navigating the No Surprises Act: Quick Reference Guide.

The experts in the R1 Regulatory Group created a quick reference guide for physicians that features a variety of resources, checklists, and tools to help you navigate the complexities of the No Surprises Act.
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Using technology to address the No
Surprises Act.

To provide the transparency and compliance the No Surprises Act requires, providers can look to readily available technology to ensure the right data is captured and routed to both patients and providers throughout the care journey.

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R1 offers comprehensive solutions that help you stay compliant.

R1’s extensive revenue cycle and practice management solutions help ensure compliance with regulations that impact your organization, including the No Surprises Act. The R1 Regulatory team, staffed with experienced healthcare lawyers, is second-to-none at understanding how complex laws and regulations impact day-to-day practice operations. Count on R1 for timely updates and training on the No Surprises Act and more.

Good faith estimates

The No Surprises Act mandates good faith estimates for uninsured patients, which entitles consumers to an estimate of expected charges to support transparency and financial expectation. While this process seems straightforward enough, quickly producing this type of information on a consistent and compliant basis is going to be a challenge for most providers. Our on-demand webinar addresses your most pressing questions about creating good faith estimates.

Independent dispute resolution process

The independent dispute resolution (IDR) provisions of the No Surprises Act apply to payment disputes between a payor and a noncontracting provider of emergency services. If a party is unsatisfied with the amount the other is offering, either party may initiate the IDR process which allows a noncontracting provider or payor to dispute whether the specified rate was appropriate. Our on-demand webinar walks you through the essentials of the IDR process.

More No Surprises Act resources

R1 is committed to giving you the resources you need to navigate the No Surprises Act, as well as keeping you abreast of updates as they occur. Here are a few resources you’ll want to explore:

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