Case Study: AR Recovery Captures 78% Recovery on Aged Claims

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A post-acute health system of long-term, acute-care hospitals with 4,000+ beds nationwide had a high inventory of unreimbursed aged AR. Internal budgetary challenges, staffing-resource issues, inefficient workflows and difficulties working clinical appeals prevented the health system from managing their aged AR effectively.


R1’s expert team of attorneys, clinicians and coding experts were engaged to assess the situation. R1 identified and implemented a comprehensive aged AR strategy to decrease outstanding accounts. R1 supported the health system with dedicated clinical and legal staffing resources to resolve accounts and support clinical appeals.


R1 AR Recovery allowed the health system to reduce aged AR by 57% within one year of implementation and exceed cash-projection goals, providing the health system an opportunity to lower their monthly reserves. Process improvements identified opportunities to decrease future denials and established a sustainable optimization solution to manage their AR inventory.

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