Revenue Cycle Automation

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Making intelligent automation in the revenue cycle part of your system-wide technology upgrade

Modernizing RCM through intelligent automation (IA) is a cost-effective way to support interoperability, free people from repetitive tasks and increase financial performance. Knowing there are benefits to be realized is just the beginning.

This white paper will give you a better understanding of how to apply automation and where.

After all, not every step should be automated.

Read the paper to find out more about:

  • The technicalities of IA:
    An end-to-end IA platform is an ecosystem that covers the entire revenue cycle — not just one lever of technology — including robotic process automation, machine learning, optical character recognition and natural-language processing.
  • The top thing to know if you’re a CIO:
    Implementing, managing and maintaining IA technology in-house requires substantial resources, funds and expertise. It’s especially critical to know what not to automate.
  • The top thing to know if you’re a CFO:
    Automation prioritizes the organization’s P&L needs. It’s not about trading people for digital workers, but handing over repetitive, error-prone steps for more predictable reimbursements and higher net-revenue capture.

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